Table 12-3: Border Crossings, U. S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico (Thousands)


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Canada – United States
United States – Mexico
Canada- United States
United States – Mexico



United States
Data on the number of rail cars was not available for all ports on the U.S.-Canadian border. The number of trains has been used instead. Data represent the number of truck crossings, not the number of unique vehicles, and include both loaded and unloaded trucks.

Passengers: Statistics Canada. Table 427-0001 Number of international travellers entering or returning to Canada, by type of transport, annual (persons). CANSIM (database).  (accessed October 21, 2017).

Vehicles: Statistics Canada. Table 427-0002 Number of vehicles traveling between Canada and the United States, annual (number). CANSIM (database). (accessed October 21, 2017).

United States

U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Border Crossing Data, available at