TD 1-1B: Top 25 Mexican Population Centers (Thousands)


Table shows data on the total population in each of the top 25 mexican metropolitan zones. Metropolitan zone is defined as the set of two or more municipalities where it is located a city of 50 thousand or more inhabitants, whose urban areas, functions and activities are beyond the limits of the municipality that originally contained, incorporating as part of itself or its area of direct influence to neighboring municipalities, predominantly urban, in which it maintains a high degree of socioeconomic integration, it also includes those municipalities which characteristics are relevant for planning and urban policies.

Metropolitan zones delimitation (2004) and its recent updated (2007) and (2010) is a result of inter-agency working between the Secretaría de Desarrollo Social, the Consejo Nacional de Población and the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía realized from information available of census and cartographic information: XII General Census of Population and Housing 2000, the National Geostatistical Framework and local-level results of the II Census of Population and Housing 2005; as well as the Census of Population and Housing 2010.