TD 11-3: Number of Water Ports and Facilities


The number of ports refers to sites that have been enabled as ports and terminals by decree of the Federal Government. Facilities include Cayo Arcas, Yúmm K’ Ak Náab and Takuntah located in the Campeche Sound off the coast of the state that bears the same name. The category “Pacific” includes the ports located in the Gulf of California.


  United States

U.S. Section 5-10 of EP 1130-2-520, provides guidance on additions, modifications, or deletions of Corps projects, which include ports used in the calculation of port totals. The ports defined by the Corps do not correlate precisely to other port types such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s district and port codes. “NS” indicates an insignificant percentage defined as a value of < .05%.