TD 3-2: Motor Vehicle Fatality Rates


See notes under Road for Table 3-1 for a discussion of how road fatality data are collected.

See notes under Table 12-2 for how vehicle-kilometer data are collected.

See notes under Table 12-1 for how data on number of road vehicles are collected.

Data for 1995 motor vehicle fatality rates per 100 million vehicle-kilometers are based on Transport Canada estimates of vehicle-kilometers traveled by passenger motor vehicles and light trucks during 1995. Estimates of vehicle-kilometers are based on: (1) road motor vehicle fuel sales (net sales on which taxes were paid at road-use rates); (2) estimates of fuel efficiency by class of vehicle; and (3) estimates of average occupancy.

Data for motor vehicle fatality rates per 10,000 registered vehicles are based on the number of registered motor vehicles for 1990 through 1998 and include personal vehicles (personal passenger cars, motorcycles, light trucks) and commercial vehicles.


Data for 1997 are not available because in 1996 the questionnaire through which this information was collected had some modifications; as consequence, data collected had certain characteristics that do not allow its use as a reliable statistic. subsequently several changes will be incorporated into the questionnaire in order to improve data quality.

For 2014: information for the 29 states is complete, except Mexico City and Sonora which are preliminary. During the recruitment process and information processing in 2015, the reporting entity source for Chiapas updated vehicular registrations for 2014.

  United States

See the notes under Road for Table 3-1. As discussed there, a great deal of effort is devoted to getting a complete and accurate count of road fatalities on public roads. Consequently, the amount of error in fatality rates is dominated by the error in vehicle-kilometers, which currently can only be roughly estimated. (See notes under Table 12-1 for information on how data on the number of road vehicles are collected, and Table 12-2 for how the data on vehicle-kilometers are collected.) The level of precision shown in Table 3-2 for the fatality rates is the level reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in their summary document, Traffic Safety Facts (Overview).